Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Artwork made easy!

We are often contacted by new customers asking if we can cut or engrave their design. The most important part of any new design is getting the artwork correct! The design software that we use allows us to import lots of different types of files, however if there are mistakes in the creation of the artwork we receive this can make our job quite hard! So, contact Bob for a few simple tips.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn Colours

As Autumn has arrived I wanted to share the work of one of our customers. She has recently produced a new range of jewellery based on leaves in some beautiful autumn colours. Esa uses acrylic and cherry wood laminate. Check out her new designs. Thanks for the photos Esa.
Her web site is
Here transparent red acrylic and cherry wood laminate were used together.

I love the effect that was created on the oak leaves by engraving the surface of the acrylic, hope they do really well for you Esa.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


We have had to cut one of my personal favourite products today, ukuleles! 

These badges have been cut from cherry wood laminate and I like them because they show how well laminate cuts and engraves on the laser machine.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Showing our versatility

We never know what will come through the door and having spent most of the week working with the craft, jewellery and fashion sectors yesterday we had a day marking metal for two customers. We have a regular customer who sends us dental instruments to be marked, no pictures of those today, just in case some of you are squeamish about the dentist!

Here is an example of how we can mark on metal, which in this case is steel. We receive flat sheets from our client which will be pressed into the right shape once delivered back to the customer. This is a panel for a pill counting machine!

Just off to check on CD who has been cutting some sycamore and walnut for another client, more pictures of the results next week.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thanks from a customer

Often you don't have time to reflect upon your character or how others perceive you, so it was very touching to receive this lovely testimonial from Tremaine, a new client for Tamatec. According to her " I'm chirpy, inviting and just a plain bag of sugar lovely"  but what was really good to know is that at Tamatec, we're patient, helpful, give guidance and are good value for money!
It has always been our aim to help new businesses and provide a friendly service which we are still doing.... By the way Tremaine, I am married to Bob and even after many years, still bubbly and enthusiastic about everything in life!

Here is an engraved sample which we did from her during the process of choosing which material to use for her collection.

Check out Tremaine's post on:


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On my own

Well Alice has returned to Uni after her 3rd summer working with us here at Tamatec. Hope the term goes well Alice, I know you'll be keeping your tabs on me!

Rather late with this comment but congratulations to Piers and Phillip for their article in September issue of Vogue. The veil was cut by us from leather and I think the effect is stunning.

Well, that's my first post on my own and I managed to add a photo, with the aid of copious notes but it's a start!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Christmas is coming already?

Just completed some 1.5 plywood mobiles for our customer, Janine which included some Christmas trees in the design. October & November are usually busy for us but we are definitely ready for the challenge!

Here is an earlier example of a Christmas tree mobile from Janine

That's all for today from tomorrow I'm on my own with no help from Alice!!!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gill here!

Having my first lesson on how to use a blog.... Alice is very patient
Silk leaves

One of our customers is exhibiting in New Zealand at present with this stylish dress. Good luck Jo!

Off to finish off some wooden menus for a customer, speak soon


We're on a role now!

Now I've told you all about what we can do, but sometimes it's hard to visualise just what we can achieve here at Tamatec, I thought I would show you some examples of the work we have done here.

- Here is an example of some parchment that we cut for one of our most regular clients.
- The parchment that we cut are then created into beautiful bespoke lampshades which you can find at

- These adorable wooden buttons are another example of what the machine can achieve
- Although we have a fairly large cutting bed of 914mm x 609mm the machine is able to cut and engrave small parts and intricate detail.  

- Another property of the machine is an etching process that allows us to mark on metal. 
- This image shows dental instruments that have been marked with a date code and logo. 

- We cut a lot of mylar for many of our clients as this is an excellent material for cutting stencils 
- We cut such a range of stencils for many different uses for example this month we have gone from cutting a small stencil for icing a macaroon, to a WW1 replica of a ration crate. 

Keep checking our blog for more of an insight in what we come across here at Tamatec

Our First Post

Hi There! 

As we have entered September, the end of the summer (if we can call it a summer) we have been getting busier and busier here at Tamatec. 

For those of you who are unaware of what we do, here's a little bit of information about us.  

Here at Tamatec, we are a Laser Cutting and Engraving service that work with a huge variety of clients to help them achieve their designs and/or products by using the latest computer and laser technology...wonder how?....Here's the technical bit. 

We use a CO2 laser that can cut a range of materials such as;
- Wood
- Acrylic
- Fabric
- Card....and so much more.

We range from cutting parts for jewellery, industrial stencils, fabrics for fashion designers and not to mention our engraving process which we have used for things like dental instruments and wedding invitations, it really is a mixed bag here. 

We will be regularly updating our blog so you can see the sort of things we do. 

If you think we could help you in your business, check out our website and drop us an email. We are always happy to help :-)